Gurkha regent robusto

The Gurkha regent robusto is a 112 mm long ring 50 cigar made out of dominican ligero filler with Indonesian binder and a Habana 2000 wrapper. It look quite allright with its dark wrapper but unfortunately there are folds and veins in the wrapper. The construction isn’t very well, the cigar is not consistent and contains soft spots especially at the foot of the cigar. The predraw is light, too easy and the aroma is chocolate.

The flavor is quite bitter, chemical with hints of cedar and ash. There is not much going, it’s a one dimensional cigar. The smoke and burn are good.

Would I buy this cigar again? No

Appearance: 6 / 10
Construction: 5 / 10
Draw: 6 / 10
Burn: 7 / 10
Smoke & ash: 8 / 10
Aroma first part: 6 / 10
Aroma second part: 5 / 10
Aroma third part: 5 / 10

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