CI Legend white by Camacho

The CI Legends series is a series of cigars, all toro’s in a 5.7 x 54 size except for the Perdomo blend which is a torpedo, made by several well known cigar makers especially for the online retailer cigarsinternational. By the color of the band you can see who the maker is, too bad they don’t mention it on the band, you need to check the website before you know who made the specific blend. So far I smoked the CI Legend yellow by Don Pepin, the CI Legend red by Perdomo and the CI Legend black by La Aurora. This is the review for the CI Legend white by Camacho.
The cigar has a silky wrapper and the construction feels firm. The wrapper is quite light colored with a few big veins and looks quite thin. The predraw is a bit loose and leaves me a spicy but musty flavor in the mouth.
I taste a sweet earthy flavor, mild musty and after an inch I also taste some leather and a flavor that reminds me of chocolate paste. All the flavors disappear except the chocolate paste flavor which is sweet and a bit musty.
There isn’t much going on at the palate, just after the mid of the cigar it becomes a bit spicy. At ⅔ the cigar get sweeter and I have to correct the burn. After that the cigar is harsh and unpleasant. I purge the cigar, but that only helps for a few puffs.
I get a decent amount of reasonable thick smoke and the draw is fine. The cigar is mild to medium flavored and also mild to medium bodied. The burn is ok and the pepper and salt colored ash is quite firm. Even though the turning point came early I smoked this cigar for 75 minutes.
Would I buy this cigar again? No, this cigar was boring.

Appearance: 7 / 10
Construction: 7 / 10
Draw: 7 / 10
Burn: 6 / 10
Smoke & ash: 7 / 10
Aroma first part: 7 / 10
Aroma second part: 6 / 10
Aroma third part: 6 / 10

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