A. Turrent triple play toro

A.Turrent is a Mexican cigar manufacturer famous for the Te-Amo and A.Turrent cigars. About a year ago they released the A. Turrent Triple Play, a cigar made with all maduro tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico. There are two vitolas, a 4½x54 robusto and a 6×54 toro. I smoked the toro that I got in a sampler during the Intertabac trade show in Germany. The robusto will be released in The Netherlands soon with a € 4.00 price tag.
The cigar looks great with an almost black and oily wrapper and a nice silver colored band. I see a few veins and I smell a barnyard. The construction feels a bit firm. The predraw is great and I taste some wood.
I taste pepper, an earthy flavor and some coffee. After half an inch I taste wood, earth and pepper, in the aftertaste I get some cacao with peppery earthy flavors. The wood disappears and my mouth feels dry. After an inch I taste black pepper with some musty wood. After a third I taste a muddy earthy flavor with a hint of cacao, the pepper has almost completely disappeared.
Halfway I taste wood and a bit more cacao. The pepper slowly returns and I get some lemon zest in the aftertaste. After two thirds I get coffee with some citrus in the aftertaste. Soon a bit of cacao follows.
This cigar lasted me for an hour and forty-five minutes. The smoke was good, the coarse silver gray ash isn’t firm at all. The burn is good though. This cigar is full flavored and full bodied.
Would I buy this cigar again? The robusto will be released in The Netherlands soon and I will buy those.

Appearance: 8 / 10
Construction: 7 / 10
Draw: 8 / 10
Burn: 7 / 10
Smoke & ash: 7 / 10
Aroma first part: 7 / 10
Aroma second part: 7 / 10
Aroma third part: 7 / 10

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2 thoughts on “A. Turrent triple play toro

  1. Hello, this cigars in my opinion are a very bad example of “Mexican Cigars” to be sampled.
    Much more better a San Teodoro Cigar, Santa Clara 1830 or the old almost extinct Cruz Real Cigars that were amazing.

    Please do include in your review other different Mexican Cigar Varieties, I understand that Turrent Cigars are all over the place but as a reviewer we should be scouting for the real thing.

    In my opinion San Teodoro is way better compared to other local brands currently in the market.

    • I review THIS cigar, i comment on THIS cigar, how can I include cigars that I haven’t smoked yet? I can only form an opinion on those if I smoked them right?

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