Rocky Patel Super Ligero Robusto

I’m a very lucky guy. Started to smoke cigars about 10 years ago, started my blog two years later and about three and a half years ago I landed a job in the industry I fell in love with. My employer is not just my boss but also a friend, I met a lot of genuine nice people in the cigar industry, got to travel to Nicaragua twice and I get to smoke test blends, pre releases and cigars that aren’t available on the European market. This is one of those cigars that isn’t available in europe yet, except for Sweden and the Czech Republic. a Rocky Patel with a new strain of tobacco by Plasencia named Super Ligero, which is also the name of the cigar.
A dark cigar, few thin veins and a big band with the name of the cigar, the factory (El Paraiso – Honduras) and the Rocky Patel logo. The cigar feels well constructed. The cigar has a real strong barnyard and manure aroma, as weird as it sounds it makes me want to light the cigar as soon as possible. The predraw is fine, I taste red pepper and raisins.
Coffee and pepper, that’s what I get with the first puffs. Soon after its wood and coffee, with a minty flavor on the background. After a centimeter I taste mint with some pepper and wood. The cigar has a fresh aftertaste. The wood slowly gets stronger. After a third it’s just wood, but a pleasant wood.

After a third it’s still wood. It strikes me that after 55 minutes I’m only at a third of the cigar. I also taste the mint on the background and a very nutty flavor with a little bit of salt, which I like a lot. Halfway the minty flavor gets a bit stronger and some pepper shows up too. On the background I taste wood. The nutty flavor comes back too. At the nub I get a nice burst of pepper over a nutty background.
The draw is great, the ash is salt & pepper colored. The smoke is white and thick. The ash is flaky but quite firm. Burn is good, I had to touch up once. Halfway the ash breaks. The cigar is full flavored, medium to full bodied, not as strong as the name suggests. The cigar burns slow, the robusto size lasted me for two hours.
Would I buy this again? Yes, this is a very interesting cigar.

Appearance: 9
Construction: 8
Draw: 9
Burn: 8
Smoke & ash: 9
Aroma first part: 8
Aroma second part: 9
Aroma third part: 8

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