Tatuaje Serie P Robusto

This Nicaraguan medium filler has a Sumatra wrapper from Ecuador and is made by My Father like all Tatuaje cigars. This cigar was created as a budget stick in the day when Tatuaje only had premium priced sticks.
The cigar has a milk chocolate colored wrapper, a simple but traditional Tatuaje band, white with red letters. I smell a mild barnyard aroma. The cigar feels good. The predraw is fine, I taste white pepper.
At first I taste pepper, toasted bread and nuts. Soon I get a metallic flavor which isn’t that pleasant but fortunately it mellows down to an acceptable level.
After a third I taste nutmeg and toasted flavors, after that there isn’t much development.
The ash is light gray but not firm. The smoke is medium, both is amount as in thickness and white colored. The burn is fine. This medium flavored medium bodied budget cigar lasted me an hour.
Would I buy this cigar again? Maybe, there are more budget cigars in this price range with this quality.
Appearance: 7
Construction: 8
Draw: 8
Burn: 9
Smoke & ash: 7
Aroma first part: 7
Aroma second part: 8
Aroma third part: 7
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2 thoughts on “Tatuaje Serie P Robusto

  1. Good to see you’re back to regular reviewing 🙂
    I can’t understand why Pete Johnson keeps this one in production when:
    a) The L’Atelier El Suelo is a much better cigar for the same money, and
    b) The Tatuaje Tattoo is the real thing and only costs 25% more.

    • I’ve been slacking, had some good reasons thought (work, new home where I needed to build a man cave with walk in, redo the waterfront garden etc, new girlfriend) but I’m back on track now.

      From what i’ve understood the Serie P might be discontinued, it’s no longer featured on the international price sheets. I’ll ask Pete next month when I see him at the Intertabac trade show.

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