Tatuaje Little Monsters Frank Jr.

In 2008 Tatuaje started with a yearly tradition, the monster series, to be release around Halloween. It all stated with the Frank named after Frankenstein, 2009 was the Drac after Dracula, then the face after leatherface from the Texas chainsaw massacre. 2011 honored the movie the wolf man and 2012 gave us the mummy. 2013 was the year of Jason Voorhees with the JV13, then came Jekyll to be followed by the Hyde.

In the mean time Tatuaje released a box of Tatuaje little monsters, miniature versions of the first 5 editions and the pudgy monsters, smaller versions of the monsters bit with the original ring gauge of the first 6 years and an added bonus of chucky and his bride. For the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing the little and pudgy monsters and some of the Tatuaje monsters that are left in my collection. I’m starting with the little monsters in chronological order so today it’s the Frank Jr.
A nice dark corona with some tooth and veins, without a band it could easily been mistaken for a Padron stick. Construction feels good and I smell a little bit of hay. The pre draw is fine with a little harsh taste of good tobacco. Time to grab my trusted Ronson varaflame from the late 60’s and light this puppy up.First flavored are sharp, herbal with the bitterness of dark chocolate but without the chocolate flavor and a bit soapy. This is nothing like I remember from the original Frank. The soapy flavor is dominant with some herbal and peppery flavors on the background.
After a third the soap turns into spicy green herbs and mint, an improvement. The red pepper grows too, I can taste it on the tip of my tongue. In the aftertaste there is a mild dark chocolate taste. The cigar is very enjoyable now.

Halfway the pepper changes from red to wblack and the chocolate gets a bit stronger. Unfortunately there is a little hint of that soapy flavor on the background again. Near the end the cigar gets bitter.
The draw is great and from the first moment I get a lot of thick white smoke. The ash is dark and flaky. It also breaks easily . The burn is straight, no complaints here. The smoke time was an hour.

Would I buy this cigar again? No. Even if it was possible still no because of the soapy flavor.

Appearance: 8
Construction: 8
Draw: 9
Burn: 8
Smoke & ash: 7
Aroma first part: 6
Aroma second part: 8
Aroma third part: 7

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