Tatuaje Pudgy Tiff

After the success of the little monster serie sampler Pete Johnson decided to release another sampler with the six first Tatuaje Monster releases in a shorter size but with the original ring gauge, the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters with an added new release Chucky and Tiff. I will be reviewing the complete sampler in the next few weeks.
Cigar #8 is a new one, just like the Chuck and it’s actually Chucks bride, Tiff. Tiff is exactly the same size as Chuck, 4×50 but with an Ecuadorean Connecticut Shade wrapper and that’s where my prejudice kicks in, I hate Connecticut Shade wrappers with a passion. I’m even hesitant to smoke this cigar, but on the other hand I made a commitment to review all pudgy monsters and so I will. The wrapper is a bit dull with a few veins. The ring is cream white with black letters, my favorite color scheme for the monster series so far. The construction feels good, the cold draw is fine, with sweetness and a hint of pepper. There is a reasonable strong aroma of musty wood.
In the beginning I taste honey with a classical musty Connecticut Shade flavor, the reason why I don’t like it. After half an inch I also taste wood.
Halfway is more of the wood with the musty flavor, but the sweetness changed from honey to sugar. The wood flavor is leading, the musty flavor is lingering on the background though. Near the end I taste a lot of pepper on my lips.
The ash is white and firm. The draw is good and the burn is sharp. The smoke is medium thick and white. Mild to medium bodied cigar with medium flavor. The cigar lasted me an hour.
Would I buy this cigar again? No! It’s not a bad stick but not my cup of tea.

Appearance: 8
Construction: 8
Draw: 8
Burn: 9
Smoke & Ash: 8
Aroma first part: 6
Aroma second part: 7
Aroma third part: 7

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