New rating system

From now on I’ll be working with a ‘100’ score system like a lot of magazines and websites do, that will make it easier to compare cigars and to make a top 25 at the end of the year.

How will I rate the cigars? Well, the maximum amount of points a cigar can get is 1000. Yes, not 100 but 1000 and at the end I’ll convert that into a .. out of 100 score. On the background I’ll store that bigger number, just in case several cigars get the same rounded number at the end of the year when I compile the ‘top 25’ list. Makes it a little more fair I think.

First of all, all reviews are mine, so its all about my preferences. Its just me, one person, not a group of reviewers, only the opinion of one guy. And just like everybody else I have preferences, for example, I never ever had a Connecticut Shade cigar I liked, so don’t expect to see a highly rated Connecticut Shade stick on my blog.

Flavor is key, construction is also important but less important than flavor. So how do I rate?
Wrapper -> How does it look? 50 points
Ring -> How does it look? Good paper? Nice print? 50 points
Construction -> How does the cigar’s construction feel? 50 points
Aroma -> How is the smell, the strength of it, how pleasant? 50 points
Ash -> How is the color? Is it firm? 50 points
Burn -> Is the burn even? Does it burn fast or slow? Does it die quickly? 100 points
Smoke -> Color, thickness, amount? 50 points
Draw -> Is the draw flawless, is it tight or loose? 100 points
Flavor part 1 -> is it nice? 100 points
Flavor part 2 -> is it nice? 100 points
Flavor part 3 -> is it nice? 100 points
Evolution -> is it a boring cigar of is it dynamic? 100 points
Body-flavor ration -> is it balanced? 100 points
That adds up to a 1000, I’ll divide that by 10 and then round it up to a full number. That’s the final score but the unrounded number is used at the end of the year to determine the spot in the top 25 of 2017.


Wrapper -> 35/50
Ring -> 37/50
Construction -> 43/50
Aroma -> 25/50
Ash -> 39/50
Burn -> 87/50
Smoke -> 39/50
Draw -> 90/100
Flavor part 1 -> 87/100
Flavor part 2 -> 93/100
Flavor part 3 -> 89/100
Evolution -> 76/100
Body-flavor ration -> 99/100
Total Score: 839    839/10=83,9 –> final score 84

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