Orchant Selección by Drew Estate Middleweight

Mitchel Orchant is the managing director of the British cigar distributor and retailer C.Gars Ltd. The company runs two La Casa del Habano stores, a few regular tobacconist shops, and a webshop. And they are known for their auctions of hard to find, vintage, and aged cigars. But Mitchell Orchant has his Orchant Seleccion as well. He handpicks boxes of Cuban cigars with the British Habanos distributor Hunters & Frankau to be sold under his name. And in the last few years, several Non-Cuban cigar companies made a limited edition Orchant Seleccion as well. The 2019 edition is the Orchant Seleccion by Drew Estate.

The lightweight isn’t a lightweight at all, and knowing this is the same blend, we expect a strong cigar as well. The combination of Nicaraguan, American, Indonesian, and Dominican tobacco make for a strong yet balanced cigar. And with a longer smoke duration than the lightweight, we made sure we started this review with a full stomach. The cigars should be available on the market soon, Mitchell Orchant told Ministry of Cigars that C.Gars Ltd is awaiting the shipment and that the launch should be anytime soon.

The cigar looks good. The colorado Maduro brown wrapper has an even color. The wrapper looks like dark leather. It’s oily but has 2 veins that the lightweight was missing. The triple cap is placed nicely. The aroma has a wood and barnyard smell.

The cold draw is great. The flavor is tobacco with pepper. After lighting, there’s pepper with coffee, leaves, and tobacco. The flavors than change to peppery and salty wood. The flavors then go to more leather, with salt and citrus. This is completely different from the lightweight. The flavors are not as strong and outspoken as the lightweight. More salt, more citrus, no coffee. A little spice, leather, and soil are the main flavors. After a third, there’s a mild flavor of cinnamon toast. The mouthfeel is dry. And then there’s a strong floral flavor with pepper, coming out of nowhere. Slowly some hay shows up too, and the pepper mellows out without becoming weak. The floral flavor disappears. In the final third, the cigar tastes leathery, peppery with spices and sweetness. Well balanced, and with enough minor flavor changes to keep the cigar interesting.

The smoke is amazing again, as always with Drew Estate. The ash is white and strong. The burn is beautiful and the draw is fantastic. The cigar is full-bodied, full-flavored. The cigar is balanced. The smoke time is two hours.

would I buy this cigar again? No, I prefer the lightweight


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