Vegas Robaina Famosos

Vegas Robaina Famosos. And this specific cigar is aged, or vintage depends on who you are asking. It is ten years old, it is from a box from 2011. It comes from the warehouse of Pacific Cigar Company, so there is no doubt that the aging took place in perfect conditions. PCC is one of the largest, probably the second largest, exclusive Habanos distributors in the world. Their territory spans from Australia to Japan and almost every country in between.

Vegas Robaina is a tribute to Alejandro Robaina, who was the best farmer in Cuba before his passing. He became a celebrity and was so important to the Cuban cigar industry that Habanos decided to create a brand in his name. The cigars came on the market in 1997, but nowadays there are only two vitolas made. The other vitolas are all a blast from the past, with the iconic Don Alejandro last produced in 2017. This year marks the 25th birthday of the brand, so Habanos might release a new vitola or an edicion limitada for the occasion.

The cigar has a light color. There are a few thin veins. The head is quite flat, but the triple cap is still beautiful. The construction feels good. The ring is simple and it’s been the same since 1997. Brown with gold. Hirochi Robaina, Alejandro’s grandson, is using the same style on his HR cigars from Nicaragua. The aroma isn’t very strong, but that’s normal for a cigar of a decade old. A little manure, wood, and spices.

The cold draw is a bit tight. There isn’t a lot of flavor in the cold draw. There isn’t a lot of flavors. Just a very mild leather with some dark spices. Maybe even some soil and cedar. But this cigar is clearly past its prime. After a while, it’s leather with honey, but all quite creamy. The flavors are still very mild. Halfway there is more flavor, more leather, more sweetness, more dark spices. It fits in with our experience with other aged and/or vintage cigars that the first half is often dull and boring with not a lot of flavor. And not just Cubans, the same thing goes for New World cigars of a certain age. The flavor changes a bit, the leather and honey remain but now with cedar. The cigar remains very creamy though. The honey sweetness gets stronger near the end. The last third is the most flavorful of the cigar, and the most pleasant.

The ash is salt and pepper colored. It is quite firm and doesn’t drop easily. The draw is a little tight, but nothing to really complain about. The smoke is decent. The burn is great. The cigar is smooth, calm, but lacks character. This one is aged too long. This cigar is mild to medium in body and in flavor. If the cigar performed all the way as it did in the final third, the score would have been a few points higher. The smoke time is two hours.

Would I buy this cigar again? Not if it’s 10 years old.

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