Cigarguide is a website with reviews of cigars from all over the world. Some cigars have been given to me by the blog sponsors, others I have bought or traded or have been gifted to me by friends.

About me: Born in 1972 I started to smoke cigars on a vacation to Singapore and Indonesia december 2005. At Singapore airport we bought some Cohiba Siglo II, Montecristo #4 and Romeo y Julieta tubos #2 which we smoked in Indonesia, every night a cigar and a glass of whisky. I liked that so much that I decided to keep smoking cigars when I got back.

On the way back I maxed out my creditcard at the cigarshop at Singapore airport. Back in The Netherlands I smoked a few cigars a week and noticed different flavor profiles in different cigars. That sparked an interest, before I always thought a cigar was just a cigar, so I started to look for information online and discovered that cigars are just like wine, whisk(e)y, cognac, lots of different flavors depending on the blend, the soil, the tobacco used, the shape and more. Smoking cigars became more than a nice way of spending the evening, it became a passion.

Here I am, a few years later and I visited places I never thought of visiting before I smoked cigars, made lots of new friends both here in The Netherlands as in the United States, Canada, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Germany, England, Belgium and Asia. I got to meet a few of the key figures in the industry and have even worked as a cigar sales rep. Who could imagine that the handful of cigars I bought halfway across the world would have such an impact on my life, such a positive impact.


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  1. flavien


    very nice blog. Impressed by how many different cigars you used to smoke.

    After all these years, would you be able to build a “cigar flavour map” such as the famous whisky flavour map here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c5/Malt_Whisky_Flavor_Map.jpg

    Any map would help a beginner like me to know where he is.

    Best regards,

  2. Mike McLean


    Great website, I really enjoy your reviews. Pass the time nicely when I’m stuck offshore for weeks!

    • i hope you’re able to smoke offshore brother

    • I’ve been slacking most of 2014, 2015 and part of 2016 but the site is now in full working order again. 2 to 3 reviews a week, at least every sunday, wednesday and every 15th of the month a lancero review.

  3. Joshua Davis

    Hi, I am an American missionary that runs a NGO here in South Africa. I have been living here for 10 years and had all my kids here. I really enjoy a cigar from time to time, but South Africa cigars are pretty non exestent down here where I stay, and to get them shipped from overseas ends up costing a lot per stick. I have seen some of your reviews on Indonesia cigars and wonder if you could give me any help trying to find an Indonesia based company I could buy boxes from and get them shipped here. Do you have any connections or suggestions. I’m looking for a good handmade cigar that is pretty cheap, but with a Sumatra wrapper? As I raise my own support, cigars are not able to be the top priority in my life .
    Thanks for your help. Hope you will be able to point me in a direction.

    • Hi Joshua,

      now it seems like an simple question and a straight forward easy answer but actually its not therefore it took me a few days to get back to you, I apologize for that.

      You are an American and therefore I assume that the Sumatra tobacco you are familiar too isn’t the Sumatra from the island of Sumatra but a strain of tobacco that originally came from Indonesia but has been cultivated in South America for generations, just like Habano is grown all over the region too and Connecticut is grown in several countries. Most of the Sumatra used in longfillers are grown in Ecuador. Just like Habano or Connecticut the flavors change per region because of the differences in soil, in climate, in rainfall etc. So a real Indonesian Sumatra might not be what you are used to and what you like.

      Now once you decided on real Indonesian Sumatra or South American Sumatra and you pick the Indonesian version things get complicated again. Most of the tobacco grown on Sumatra and Java is used for the short filler, dry cured cigars which are very popular in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other West European countries. These cigars are made with a blend of tobaccos and the tobaccos are all shredded to small pieces, bigger than cigarette tobacco but still small pieces instead of being made with full leaves like the longfillers from the Caribbean countries. That creates a whole different flavor profile and smoking experience, due to the much better air flow the cigars can burn hotter and become bitter and they burn much faster. There’s also a size issue, its merely impossible to find a short filler, cry cured robusto or bigger, they are all thinner and a corona is most likely the biggest size you can get. All those cigars are produced for or by big Western European companies like Cortes, Agio, Ritmeester and shipped straight to Europe, these cigars aren’t for sale on the Indonesian market. A lot of the tobacco is shipped too and used to make cigars in Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

      There are two companies that I know that manufacture longfiller cigars with Indonesian tobacco in Indonesia, that is Sultan Cigars http://sultan-cigar.com I reviewed on of their cigars on my blog, and Raja Z Cigars http://www.rajazcigar.com/ a cigar that I haven’t had the pleasure smoking off.

      What might be a better option is to find a source locally to avoid high shipping costs, a few years ago I met a gentleman in Miami who is the distributor of a lot of brands in (South) Africa, this is his website http://www.premiumcigars.co.za/cigars-wholesalers-distributors-cigar-distribution-south-africa-pretoria-johannesburg.html and I bet he can point you to a point of sales close to where you are located.

      I hope my answer helps you.


      • Cor Denneman Heilscher

        Salute to you, dear Ferdinand!

        First of all I am eager to thank you so much for your remarkable reviews and your awesome Cigar Guide at general. I am impressed as well about your detailed above mentioned reply to Joshua Davis, about Sumatra wrappers in particular.

        In the very past I was marketing director ad interim of the Dutch based Tobacco Legend DE OLIFANT in Kampen and at interim base board member of the so-called Nederlandse Sigarenwinkeliers Organisatie (NSO) in The Hague.

        As a reforestation visionary (and like Joshua more or less ‘missionary’ and entrepreneur I developed and partly (co)invested in tropical African, Central and South American forests and plantations. Until now without any tobacco plants unfortunately 😉

        Examples given: Argentina, Aruba/Bonaire/Curaçao, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Suriname

        Besides, in collaboration with a dedicated Nicaragua based tobacco factory I created a private brand, called Hunting Capital, après chasse collection…

        You mentioned ‘en passant’ that 1972 is your year of birth. Well, my Berlin/D-born mother gave -with the biological help of my Utrecht/NL-born father- birth to me in 1949 in Utrecht. Finally I emigrated in 2014 to my -since so many decades- beloved Ardennes.

        It will be preferable to communicate face tot face by WhatsApp or whatsoever about interesting developments here in the Wallonian Ardennes with our still remaining tobacco plantations, factories and even a museum in the valley of de river La Semois. Such as in Bohan and Corbion.

        So, if you are interested as well, please send me your personal coordinates.

        Thank you very much in advance!

        Cornelis Johannes Maria Denneman Heilscher

        (not related to Dannemann I presume…)

  4. jimbobber

    Hey! What happened to Untold Leaf? I was sure it was their website where I recently bought a sampler of Don Fernando and El Baron cigars, but the website seems to be inactive now.

  5. Hi,
    My name is Giuseppe and I live in Italy. I came back from Mexico 2 days ago with a wood box of 5 Te Amo “Andrea’s” that I bought from the airport. I’m in doubt because there is no any “seal label” on it (the green one with the hologram on it like on the Cuban ciogar boxes or in the cigarettes boxes). Did I bought fakes Mexican cigars? Thanks for the support.

    • As far as I know, Mexicans don’t have a seal like that. And who in their right mind would make fake Mexican cigars? Especially budget cigars like Te Amo. I am a 100% certain you bought genuine Mexican Te-Amo cigars.

  6. Hello! I’m traveling to Cosat Arica / northern Panama later this month.

    Where can I purchase these Panamanian cigars )(Colón, etc.) in country?

    I can’t find any distributors or manufacturers or their info.


  7. Hi Bro,
    I was discussing in a group of cigar in facebook name CO fans ( cigar obsessions ) about cohiba cigars vs custom farm cuban rolled cigar and my point was that this custom made are much better than commercial cohiba as per my personal experience. So it is like I insult all of the group the admin Bryan Glinn and all his followers attacked me for that, so I found a post in your blog speaking of that, can you help me to convince them and show better my point, sorry my english is not very good I am not native.
    thanks a lot for your help

    • Glynn and his goonies banned me from their page long ago, for no reason. So I can’t help you there.

      • is there any article that I can share it as an answer to these gods of cigars full of ego hhhh

      • There is no use, they won’t believe it when it hit them in the face anyway. It’s a bunch of blind followers to an ignorant asshole that is hated by the whole industry

  8. Thx Bro, it’s 100% true, I feel too sad too much discrimination in this group, anyway hope people change their way of thinking thx again

    • Don’t think it will ever happen. Join a few other groups with open minded people is my advice

      • Ronni

        Hi im from Denmark and pretty new to the heaven of cigar smoking,in my country cigar sellers are few and there is nothing to choose from,so my question is,where Can i buy good cigars in Europe and it dosent cost a fortune to get Them sent to you,and is it possibel to buy cigars from the US-market,it seems impossibel to find all the rules of buying from US and how taxes and freight costs? Hope you Can help!

      • I don’t know the Danish import laws, but in most European countries it’s illegal to order cigars from other countries and have them shipped to you.

  9. What an awesome history!
    Found your blog by accident while searching for some information about Macanudo. My beginning is pretty much the same as yours except I’m from Asia and living in Spain, inversely proportional. My passion for cigars and personal experience compared to you is like an adolescent, started just about a year ago. I’m also trying to train my palate and write everything down about the flavours I can feel on every smoke, being able to try only a few cigars, fortunately Google and the internet are helping a lot.
    I wish I could work in the industry in some future eventhough I’m still trying to figure out how to get in, your history is very interesting and motivational.
    Salut from Barcelona, be safe and keep it smoky!

    • funny thing is, I am back in Asia and have been living there for the last few years.

      Try working in a tobacconist shop, get to know the distributors and take it from there.

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