Blog sponsor

The blog sponsors are shops and/or cigar manufacturers that have given me cigars, either to review or just because they like me 😉  As a thank you I posted links on my blog and reviewed the cigars.

If you are a manufacturer or a shop owner with a private blend and you would like to be on this list, send me some samples. I’ll link to your website and review your cigars.


deoudetijdlcdh almere
piet van kuyk
tabakado logo

vanlookeren copy


banner aj fernandez

banner agio
banner alec bradley
banner ashton
banner asylumbanner bespokebanner bucanero
banner cao
banner cornelius
banner cuban stock

banner drew estate
banner dunbarton

banner epcarrillo
banner fratello

banner gurkha

banner jameson

banner jassumkral

banner joyadenicaragua

banner kristoff

banner la-flor-dominicana

banner la garita

banner manilla cigars

banner micaleff

banner my father

banner nicoya

banner oliva

banner padron

banner pdr

banner placensia

banner quesada

banner rocky

banner RoMa

banner santiago

banner studiotobac

banner tatuaje

banner vegas de santiago
banner vikingbanner warped
banner xiphos

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