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Flor Canaria Corona

One of the first area’s where the exiled Cuban cigar manufacturers attempted to start a new life were the Spanish Canary islands off the coast of Africa. That was before they all moved back to Latin America, to the Dominican, to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras but there is still a limited cigar industry left on the Canary Islands too.

The most famous cigars you find on the Canary Islands are the 3 feet long, ring 100, unsmokeable souvenir cigars in a huge coffin. They are not ment to be smoked and I guess for a good reason, my experience with cigars from the Canary Islands isn’t that good and there is a reason why almost all of the cigar industry moved on. If you think I’m prejudiced before lighting this cigar you are right, the country, the looks, the plastic tube, the ring, it all screams to me that I shouldn’t smoke this cigar, yet I’m stubborn and I’m going for it.

This cigar scares me at first sight because it comes in a clear plastic tube, just like the horrible Guantanamera Cristales. Then, when I take the cigar out of the tube, I see a dry, beaten up, bumpy and wrinkly mocha colored wrapper with a very simple brown and white ring, the white circle is not even in the centre of the brown ring. The cap is horrible and the cigar feels hard overall. If I try real hard I can smell a faint manure smell, but its faint.

After I cut the cigar I try the cold draw which is good and quite tasteless, I do experience pieces of tobacco in my mouth so I’m expecting this to be a Cuban sandwich type cigar. After lighting I taste a pleasant cinnamon flavor with some metallic acidity. The start isn’t bad at all. After almost an inch the cigar turns harsh though. Sugar with a very harsh tobacco flavor.

The draw is fine, the smoke is full and thick. The ash is white and flaky. The burn is good. This cigar is medium bodied and medium flavored. The smoke time is fifty minutes.

Would I buy this cigar again? Hell no

Score: 71
number 71
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