Gran Habano

Gran Habano shorty pyramid

A friend handed me this cigar at a herf in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Gran Habano has never been good for me, but with age we’re all getting milder, so am I, so I decided to give this shorty pyramid a try. It is a nub like torpedo, 4 inch long and a 58 ring gauge.
Like I already said, it looks like a nub and is probably created to get in the slipstream of the whole nub hype. The oily wrapper is quite dark and has a few veins. Once I removed the cellophane wrapper I smelled a strong barnyard flavor. The construction feels good. The predraw is fine and I can taste peppery raisin.
The first flavors I discover are a peppery coffee flavor with some herbs. These flavors change slowly into dry wood, and dry wood only. Even later the cigar gets herbal and harsh.
The bitter harshness gets a little less strong and at ⅔ I get a toast flavor to go with the dominant herbs.
Even though this is a short stick, it still took me 90 minutes to finish it. I got enough smoke with a good draw and burn. The ash is dark and firm. The cigar is medium to full flavored and medium bodied.
Would I buy this cigar again? Hell no. Another let down by Gran Habano/G.A.R.

Appearance: 7 / 10
Construction: 7 / 10
Draw: 7 / 10
Burn: 7 / 10
Smoke & ash: 7 / 10
Aroma first part: 5 / 10
Aroma second part: 5 / 10
Aroma third part: 6 / 10

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