Budget friendly cigar reviews

As we all know, December can be very expensive with the holidays, the gifts, the more expensive dinners, the Christmas trees, decorations etcetera. So usually people need to be a little tight in January, therefore I decided to kick the year off with a series of wallet friendly cigars, visit my blog the next few days so you don’t miss any of the reviews.

Oh, and by the way: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Cigarjournal best lounge

Every year my friends at Cigar Journal have an award show at Intertabac and every year we, the consumers, can nominate brands, cigars, accessories and lounges for the award.

Now I won’t speak out on who to nominate on cigars, as I have many friends in the industry and don’t want to favor one over another. The same goes for accessories but I do want to ask you all to nominate Cigaragua Amsterdam as the lounge of the year.

Why do I ask you to nominate and later on vote for Cigaragua? Well, that’s simple, it’s the first shop to sell only Nicaraguan cigars, and it has the potential to be as big as the La Casa del Habano franchises. And Cigaragua is also the biggest supporter of Pronica, a organization that provides education to the poor children of Esteli by donating 10 cents of every cigar sold in the shop to Pronica.

So please go to the site of Cigarjournal, nominate your favorite cigars, brands and nominate Cigaragua…….

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Ultra cool cigar stands

As you may know, I am a big fan of Jas Sum Kral cigars, they score high on my blog. The flavor profiles of the Red Knight and the Kralot just hit the perfect spot for me, while the others are way above average too. And to top it off, the rings are pieces of art, designed by the Singaporean designer and a personal friend of mine, Nuzli Hakiim. We met in Singapore a few times for smokes and banter, he even picked me up from the airport when I arrived in Singapore last time, he’s a great BOTL.

And now he launched his Dark Regal brand, luxurious accessories will be the focus of Dark Regal and here’s your chance to be part of the history. The first release of Dark Regal consists of three limited edition gold plated cigar stands, all handcrafted and hand polished. The pre-sale just started on Indiegogo, so if you’re looking for the ultimate cigar stand, follow this link and order yours before it’s too late.


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Untold Leaf

Usually I say “support your local B&M” but today I decided to break my rule for once. No, I won’t advertise for the big online companies but for a new, small, webshop that sells cigars from unsung heroes, small producers that even though they fly under the radar still make great cigars.

In the past I raved about Reserva Miraflor, Goviado and Don Fernando cigars, cigars that vanished from the earth but now they are back, sold exclusively through Untold Leaf, a website owned by my friend Andrew, who is a tobacco broker and on the forefront of the fight against the FDA.

So the reason that I am advertising his website is because the cigars are great, Andrew is a good friend and with this website he supports the small producers and their families in Nicaragua. If you want great cigars for great prices, cigars you won’t find anywhere else? Visit Untoldleaf.com

Andrew made a 30% discount code, use CIGARGUIDE at log out. With this discount all cigars are below $6.

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Fffin’ February

Tatuaje Tuesday, Fuente Friday, we all know those terms and I used that for a theme week in June last year, but why not up the ante and make February 2018 Fffin’ February?

I will post a review for 28 days straight, all brands or cigars with an F, like Fuente, Flores y Rodriguez, Flor de Oliva, Flor de las Antillas en Falto. 28 days of fffin’ reviews in a row. Let’s do this! First review in the Fffin’ February series on Feb 1st.

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Cigarguideblog Top 25 cigars of 2017

On January first of 2017 I switched from the rating system I had been using for 10 years to a 100 point scoring system for three main reasons:

– I could compare scores for myself
– The companies I reviewed cigars from could use the scores to promote their cigars, and that would make my number of visitors grow too
– I could make a top 25 at the end of the year.

The old system I’d been using for so long came from an old (I think it was Hungarian) website, an online humidor, that is no longer online and now that I’ve been using a 100 point score system for a year I no longer want to go back to my old system. How I come to my 100 point score is explained here (insert link)

The last few years I also updated my blog very irregularly due to my work, as part of the industry and the strict Dutch laws it could be considered advertising and I didn’t want to take any risk, even though my reviews are in English and I reviewed a lot of cigars that I didn’t represented. I just did a few reviews to keep the site alive but since parting ways with my then employer in June of 2016 I did a weekly review until the end of the year. To make a new start on the blog I decided to change a few things, like the set up of the review to make it a bit more personal, the 100 point score and a review every Wednesday and Sunday. As a lancero lover I also decided to write a lancero review every 15th of the month, even if the 15th wasn’t a Wednesday or Sunday and to top it off I also wrote a few special reviews on special dates or a series of reviews.

Out of the 156 cigars I reviewed, here’s my top 25 cigars of 2017:

1) Jas Sum Kral Kralot Pre-release Toro (Nicaragua) with a score of 95
2) Balmoral Anejo XO FT127 Lancero (Dominican Republic) with a score of 95
3) Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Toro (Nicaragua) with a score of 95
4) Warped Little Havana Toro (USA) with a score of 95
5) Undercrown Manifesto (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
6) Oliva Masterblend 1 Churchill (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
6) Don Fernando Corona (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
8) Kilo Toro (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
9) Oliva Masterblend 2 Robusto (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
10) Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius Toro (USA) with a score of 94
11) Jas Sum Kral Da Cebak A (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
11) Mi Querida Churchill (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
11) My Father 911 Commemorate Robusto (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
14) La Sagrada Familia Robusto (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
14) Ilja VIII A by My Father (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
14) 601 La Bomba Napalm (Nicaragua) with a score of 94
17) Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua Robusto (Honduras) with a score of 93
17) Joya Red Half Corona (Nicaragua) with a score of 93
19) Tatuaje RC233 Figurado (USA) with a score of 93
20) Plasencia Alma Fuerte Figurado (Nicaragua) with a score of 93
21) Oliva Classic Natural Churchill (Nicaragua) with a score of 93
22) RomaCraft Wunderlust Robusto (Nicaragua) with a score of 93
23) Viking Viking Robusto (Dominican Republic) with a score of 93
23) Viking Nordic Warrior Churchill (Dominican Republic) with a score of 93
25) Jas Sum Kral CRNA NOK Toro (Nicaragua) with a score of 93
25) Puros de Hostos Commendador Lancero (Dominican Republic) with a score of 93
25) Long Live the King my style is jalapeño Lancero (Dominican Republic) with a score of 93

Now you might think “hey, that’s 27 cigars” and you’re right but the Jas Sum Kral CRNA Nok, the Puros de Hostos Commendador and the Long Live the King scored exactly the same rating on my 1000 point system so they share the 25th spot, just like the Oliva Masterblend 1 and the Don Fernando share the 6th spot, the Jas Sum Kral Da Cebak, Mi Querida and the My Father 911 commemorate cigar share spot 11, La Sagrada Familia, Ilja VIII and 601 share spot 14, Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua and Joya Red share spot 17 and both Viking cigars share the 23rd spot brotherly. Maybe for the next year I need to come up with a divider, if you have suggestions, please let me know.

The breakdown

So I scored 156 cigars in 2017 and the average score is 88,6 so 89 but to end up in the top 25 you had to score at least 92,8 and the average of the top 25 is 93.7

Now looking at the countries, Nicaragua rules the top 27 with 19 entries, the Dominican Republic scores 5, then a surprising number three with 2 entries from the USA and 1 Honduran cigar. That means no Cuban, Costa Rican, Panamanian, Mexican, Peruvian and Dutch cigars made the cut.

Cigars smoked: 156
Highest score: 95
Lowest score: 73
Average score: 89

Now broken down per country:
Flag USA
Cigars smoked: 5
Highest score: 95
Lowest score: 73
Average score: 89


flag costa rica
Costa Rica:
Cigars smoked: 3
Highest score: 91
Lowest score: 90
Average score: 90

flag cuba
Cigars smoked: 12
Highest score: 92
Lowest score: 84
Average score: 88

flag dominican
Dominican Republic:
Cigars smoked: 38
Highest score: 95
Lowest score: 72
Average score: 82


Flag honduras
Cigars smoked: 15
Highest score: 93
Lowest score: 79
Average score: 90


Flag Mexico
Cigars smoked: 7
Highest score: 86
Lowest score: 73
Average score: 90


flag nicaragua
Cigars smoked: 73
Highest score: 95
Lowest score: 77
Average score: 91


flag netherlands
Cigars smoked: 1
Highest score: 89
Lowest score: 89
Average score: 89


flag panama
Cigars smoked: 1
Highest score: 89
Lowest score: 89
Average score: 89


flag peru
Cigars smoked: 1
Highest score: 82
Lowest score: 82
Average score: 82

Now what do these numbers say? It is too simple to say that the average per country is which country I like best because I haven’t smoked an equal amount of cigars per country. But it is safe to say that my preferences are more met by Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars then by any other country.

If you look at the average scores between the Dominican Republic and Cuba you might say I prefer Cuba over the Dominican but I reviewed a lot of Dominican budget cigars and only premium cigars from Cuba so if I cut those budget cigars out, the average of the Dominican Republic shoots back to 90, all those budget cigars definitely effected the average for the Dominican Republic.

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Gilberto Oliva sr passed away

I just learned that Gilberto Oliva sr passed away, age 86. I want to wish the Oliva family strength and wisdom during these difficult time.

When I heard the news I thought back to February 2014, when I had the opportunity to meet this legendary man at the Oliva factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

me & gilberto Oliva

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The mancave

I mentioned my mancave a few times, in posts about the swag I received for example and when I showed off my lancero humidor and a few people reached out to me to show the mancave.

The last two days I’ve been rearranging all the swag because I needed to give Cornelius & Anthony the proper prime real estate after the bomb they send me. And because now everything is nice and tidy I took the opportunity to make a little video and shoot some pictures.

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Cigar Rights of Europe

This is for my European readers, but not Europeans are free to join the cause.

I remember when I was young we had a few campaigns about smoking in The Netherlands. Now I’m not talking cigarette commercials, which were still shown on TV and magazines back then, or billboards with sport games but government campaigns. Now looking back you can actually see the growing influence of the anti-smoke lobby (powered by big pharma) in the sound of the campaigns.

The first I remember was the ‘roken moet mogen’ campaign, which translates to “smoking should be allowed” which turned into a “roken, we komen er samen wel uit” campaign, “smoking, we will figure it out together” to create a society where smokers and non smokers could co-exist and be considerate to each other.

The smokers were and are willing to figure it out together but the anti-smoke lobby doesn’t want anything of that, they want to ban smoking completely. And they managed to push legislation to crazy levels, smoke bans in bars, restaurants, work places and even in outdoor parks and beaches. Crazy warning labels and in a few countries even plain packaging (for example Australia and France). Flavorings can’t be named anymore, a vanilla cigar can’t be called vanilla, rum can’t be rum anymore but have to be color coded. The latest legislation is TPD2 and caused huge, full color, warning labels with disgusting pictures and there is more to come.

Since a few weeks it is not allowed to show open boxes of cigars on Dutch webshops, there are tests being done with tobacco sales behind closed curtains and plain packaging is coming to other European countries too. Now people talk about banning smoking on streets or even in your own backyard or your own balcony.

And to be fair, that cigarettes and roll your own tobacco is beging targeted isn’t strange, those chemically enhanced tobacco is addicting and known to cause several deceases yet every major study shows that it’s not the case for cigars. Yet the anti-smoke lobby and legislation doesn’t make a difference, tobacco is tobacco and it’s beging targeted.

We need to fight for our hobby, our passion and we need to stand up for our rights. The newly started Cigar Rights of Europe is doing that but can’t do it without your help. The CRE needs your help to help them help you! And fight for cigars, protect our rights as cigar smokers. So go to their website and sign up for only €25 a year.


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Swag for the man cave

When I was looking for a house to buy I specifically looked for a house where I could have a man cave with a walk-in humidor to enjoy my cigars, my music and my movies. In the apartment where I used to live I smoked in the living room but since everything was on one floor my whole place smelled of old cigar smoke and I wanted to avoid that.

So I found this house, in the town I grew up in, close to my parents and my sister, waterfront garden, 2 minute walk to a supermarket yet not on a busy road that had the perfect set up. The ground floor has a indoor garage and behind the garage there is this room, some call it garden room, some call it sun room but to me its my man cave/office. The living and the kitchen are a storey up, the bedrooms and bathroom even two storeys up so no issues with cigar smoke. As an added bonus the man cave has a double door to the garden so on warm days I can just open the doors and enjoy the fresh air.

Anyhow, I built that walk-in with my father, a friend painted some cigar logo’s on one of the walls and I managed to get some artwork from several companies to dress up the room. My Father Cigars send m an awesome painting, Rocky Patel got me two metal signs, Alec Bradley gave me a table top lighter, two signs and a huge ashtray, Oliva got me a canvas and Jessi Flores hooked me up with several Drew Estate items. Add that to the cigar store indian and the decals I already had I was able to decorate my man cave pretty decent.

But now, today, the doorbell rings and the UPS guy hands me a huge box, and I mean really huge. I see the shipping address and realize it’s from my dear friend Courtney Smith, who works for Cornelius & Anthony and she completely blew my front porch away. I mean, I really have to figure out where to put all the items she send me because they deserve the best spots in the room as they are awesome.

Now what did I get you might ask? I will tell you:
two different ashtrays, a cool poster with Cornelius, a metal Cornelius sign, a beautiful shirt with Cornelius & Anthony logos embroidered  and piece the resistance, a mind blowing woodcarving with the Cornelius & Anthony logo. Pictures just don’t do it justice but I’ll post them anyway.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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