How does the rating work?

How do I rate the cigars? Well, the maximum points a cigar can get is 1000. Yes, not 100 but 1000 and at the end I’ll divide the score by 10 to come to a score out of a 100. The total amount of points is added into my personal database though and used for the ‘top 25’ list at the end of the year. It won’t be fair if two 95 rated cigars end up at the no.1 position while one was a 94.5 and the other one a 95.4 right? So that score out of a 1000 will be the decider then.

First of all, all reviews are mine, so its all about my preferences. Its just me, one person, not a group of reviewers, only the opinion of one guy. And just like everybody else I have preferences, for example, I never ever had a Connecticut Shade cigar I liked, so don’t expect to see a highly rated Connecticut Shade stick on my blog and if someone wants me to do a review on a infused cigar I will, but I warn you up front, I have my prejudice against those things too. I do like thin cigars, so most likely a lonsdale will rate higher than a gordo of the same blend. Don’t be upset if you don’t like the score I give a cigar, I may rate your favorite cigar low of rate a cigar that you love high, it’s all about personal preferences.

Flavor is key, construction is also important but less important than flavor. So how do I rate?

Wrapper -> How does it look? 50 points max
Ring -> How does it look? Good paper? Nice design? Detailed? 50 points max
Construction -> How does the cigar’s construction feel? 50 points max
Aroma -> How is the smell, the strength of it and how pleasurable it is? 50 points max
Ash -> How is the color? Is it firm? 50 points max
Burn -> Is the burn even? Does it burn fast or slow? Does it die quickly? 100 points max
Smoke -> Color, thickness, amount? 50 points max
Draw -> Is the draw flawless, is it tight or loose? 100 points max
Flavor part 1 -> is it nice? 100 points max
Flavor part 2 -> is it nice? 100 points max
Flavor part 3 -> is it nice? 100 points max
Evolution -> is it a boring cigar of is it dynamic? 100 points max
Body-flavor ration -> is it balanced? 100 points max

That adds up to a 1000, I’ll divide that by 10 and then round it up to a full number. That’s the final score but the unrounded number is used at the end of the year to determine the spot in the top 25 of the year.


Wrapper -> 35/50
Ring -> 37/50
Construction -> 43/50
Lighting -> 25/50
Ash -> 39/50
Burn -> 87/50
Smoke -> 39/50
Draw -> 90/100
Flavor part 1 -> 87/100
Flavor part 2 -> 93/100
Flavor part 3 -> 89/100
Evolution -> 76/100
Body-flavor ration -> 99/100
Total Score: 839    839/10=83,9 –> final score 84

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