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Cigar Rights of Europe

This is for my European readers, but not Europeans are free to join the cause.

I remember when I was young we had a few campaigns about smoking in The Netherlands. Now I’m not talking cigarette commercials, which were still shown on TV and magazines back then, or billboards with sport games but government campaigns. Now looking back you can actually see the growing influence of the anti-smoke lobby (powered by big pharma) in the sound of the campaigns.

The first I remember was the ‘roken moet mogen’ campaign, which translates to “smoking should be allowed” which turned into a “roken, we komen er samen wel uit” campaign, “smoking, we will figure it out together” to create a society where smokers and non smokers could co-exist and be considerate to each other.

The smokers were and are willing to figure it out together but the anti-smoke lobby doesn’t want anything of that, they want to ban smoking completely. And they managed to push legislation to crazy levels, smoke bans in bars, restaurants, work places and even in outdoor parks and beaches. Crazy warning labels and in a few countries even plain packaging (for example Australia and France). Flavorings can’t be named anymore, a vanilla cigar can’t be called vanilla, rum can’t be rum anymore but have to be color coded. The latest legislation is TPD2 and caused huge, full color, warning labels with disgusting pictures and there is more to come.

Since a few weeks it is not allowed to show open boxes of cigars on Dutch webshops, there are tests being done with tobacco sales behind closed curtains and plain packaging is coming to other European countries too. Now people talk about banning smoking on streets or even in your own backyard or your own balcony.

And to be fair, that cigarettes and roll your own tobacco is beging targeted isn’t strange, those chemically enhanced tobacco is addicting and known to cause several deceases yet every major study shows that it’s not the case for cigars. Yet the anti-smoke lobby and legislation doesn’t make a difference, tobacco is tobacco and it’s beging targeted.

We need to fight for our hobby, our passion and we need to stand up for our rights. The newly started Cigar Rights of Europe is doing that but can’t do it without your help. The CRE needs your help to help them help you! And fight for cigars, protect our rights as cigar smokers. So go to their website and sign up for only €25 a year.


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