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RomaCraft Wunder|Lust Robusto

Back in early 2014, on a Flor de Cana infused night at the infamous club Cigar Zone in Esteli, Nicaragua my friend Pedro Gomez Rodriguez from Drew Estate introduced me to a friend of his, Skip Martin from Roma Craft, a company that was very under the radar for me back then, I mean read about the atlatl but that was about it. Skip gave me one of his cigars, the La Campaña de Panamá Sombrero, and instantly I was a fan. Little over a year later I returned to Esteli and contacted Skip, but he was in the hospital in Managua and wouldn’t return to Esteli in the time I was there. But on my last night in Nicaragua I was staying in a hotel in Managua and much to both Skip’s and my surprise I ran into Skip, his girlfriend and his daughter the moment I walked out my room. It goes without saying we ended up smoking a few great cigars that night.

Later that year Skip send me a message he was coming to Amsterdam and Germany the last few weeks of the year and he would arrive in Amsterdam on the 24th. Now I live very close to Amsterdam so that evening I picked Skip and his beautiful girlfriend up, we went for dinner and smoked a RomaCraft Wunderlust pre-release cigar. The next day his German distributer, Annemarie Schuster, joined us and since it was impossible to find a restaurant and a place to smoke on Christmas we ended up with takeaway Chinese at my place and spending the night smoking cigars in my man-cave. It was probably the best Christmas ever, not spending it with an official dinner at the in laws but just chilling with 3 like minded people enjoying a few drinks and a lot of cigars.

And Skip left some Wunderlust pre release cigars for me to enjoy.

Now there has been some talks about the cigar on the internet, mostly about the undisclosed filler. Skip admitted using tobacco from the storage of the Schuster family, that not only distribute premium cigars on the German market (next to RomaCraft they also distribute La Flor Dominicana and Casa Turrent) but they also produce dry cigars for several European countries, for the filler and rumors are that he is using Cuban tobacco for it, something Skip doesn’t admit or deny. The binder and wrapper are no secret, as a binder Skip uses a Indonesian Besuki and the wrapper is a Brazilian Mata Fina.

The wrapper is beautiful, dark, oily and with some tooth, the triple cap is one of the most beautiful I have seen and the construction feels flawless. The aroma is a deep, characterful manure aroma, medium strong. The cigar has the pre-release ring, and I must admit, I haven’t seen pictures of the cigar without the ‘pre-release’ lettering, so I can only rate this ring. Its a simple ring like you see more often at pre-release cigars but instead of a simple piece of paper RomaCraft decided to go for a better quality of paper with, if you look closely, a structure with millimeter thick squares. On the back they printed the RomaCraft logo in black and on the front it ways Wunder|Lust pre-release. For those that wonder what the name is about, its a mix between the german “wunder” what means wonder and wanderlust.

I punched the cigar to find a good cold draw with a dark chocolate, mint and raisin flavor. Now if I would do this cigar Skip Martin style I would simply write ‘I taste well fermented tobacco’ but I’ll do it my way. I lit the cigar with my Ronson soft flame and taste coffee with a little citrus. There is a toast flavor too, a little harsh but in a pleasant way. Pretty quickly the cigar becomes peppery with a hint of mild chocolate. Halfway it’s more of the same pepper, not overpowering though, with a little citrus and some leather. And the leather could be the reason why people suspect Cuban tobacco being used. The leather is getting stronger and I also taste some toast, the pepper is still there.
The smoke is thick and white, there is a lot of it too. The draw is perfect. The dense ash is very white. The burn is razorsharp. The cigar is medium bodied yet full flavored. The smoke time is an hour and 10 minutes.

Would I buy this cigar again? Only for sale in Germany, so I guess I’ll have to step in the car soon and drive to Cigarworld in Dusseldorf or the Whisky & Cigar Salon in Gronau and get myself a box

Score: 93

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Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac Robusto

The cigar I latest highest this year so far is the Cornelius and Anthony Cornelius Toro, a pretty new brand that I got introduced to by my friend Courtney Smith, who’s working for them, at the Intertabac trade show last september in Dortmund, Germany. I smoked a few of these cigars during the show and actually when we were clubbing on friday night with Courtney, Steven & Todd fro C&A, Tony Gomez from La Flor Dominicana, Riste Riatevski from Jas Sum Kral and the ultimate party guy Rocky Patel I just lit up a Daddy Mac when the DJ started a 90’s hiphop set including Kris Kross Jump “The Mac Dad will make you jump jump, Daddy Mac will make you jump jump”. Gotta love the irony there right? But to cut a long story short, the Cornelius Toro is the best cigar I reviewed so far this year, lets see what the Daddy Mac does.

The Daddy Mac is named after Steven Bailey’s father, Mac, and everybody at the company calls him Daddy Mac. The cigar comes from another factory than the El Titan de Bronze made Cornelius since this cigar, just like the Meridian and Venganza lines, are produced by Erik Espinosa in his La Zona factory in downtown Esteli. For those who know Esteli and know La Zona probably agree with me that there is no better place to sit down and smoke a cigar than on the rooftop terrace at La Zona, with the overview of the city and the mountains on the background, watching the crazy traffic, sipping on a great Cuban style coffee or an alcoholic beverage and listen to the great stories told by Mr. Warmth Hector Alfonso. The 5×52 robusto is made with a Brazilian wrapper, Ecuadorean binder and Nicaraguan fillers. The cigar has a dark oak colored wrapper with a beautiful triple cap and just like the Cornelius it has a double ring, one brand name ring that is just drop dead gorgeous, white, black, gold, grey and very detailed with a second, smaller, black ring with gold lining and golden letters saying Daddy Mac.

The construction feels good and the triple cap finishes the looks of the cigar. The cigar doesn’t have a strong aroma, its a mild to medium hay aroma at best. I used my punch to cap the cigar. The cold draw is good, a little on the tight side but just a little. I taste a wooden and peppery flavor. At first I taste cedar with a little coffee. After a centimeter I taste spicy yet citrusy wood. It’s all a bit musty though, reminds me of Connecticut shade but it isn’t.

After a third cigar is spicy, yet a little musty with a base flavor of cedar. Halfway I also taste a little sweetness. I taste a bitter flavor on the tip of my tongue, which I don’t like too much. When I take a sip of water I taste a flavor that I can’t describe but I like it and it tones down the bitterness on my tongue. The overall feeling of the flavors are creamy. Close to two thirds I taste licorice, a flavor I like. The cigar also gets some pepper. Passed the two thirds mark taste more of the sweetness. The cigar finishes strong with nutmeg, cedar and pepper.

The smoke is thick and more than decent in amount. The ash is light gray, dense in structure and firm. The draw is good, not perfect, it’s slightly to tight for my liking. The burn is great, slow and quite straight. This cigar is medium to medium plus bodied cigar and medium plus flavored, well balanced and with sufficient evolution. The smoke time is about 100 minutes.

Would I buy this cigar again? I prefer the Cornelius

Score: 88


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Cigar of the month March

Over the last month I reviewed 9 cigars and the cigar of the month march is:

Undercrown Flying Pig XLR with a 92 score.

March was the first month I rated a cigar below 80 points, but then again, the Undercrown Flying Pig XLR was a very pleasant surprise so overall it was a good month with two cigars that let me down.

Now as for the complete list of cigars I smoked in March for Cigarguideblog:

1) Undercrown Flying Pig XLR (Nicaragua) 92 points
2) Rocky Patel Super Ligero Lancero (Honduras) 92 points
3) La Flor Dominicana NOX Toro (Dominican Republic) 92 points
4) Kristoff Pistoff Corona Gorda (Dominican Republic) 91 points
5) Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto (Honduras) 90 points
6) Don Labalet Robusto (Netherlands) 89 points
7) Fratello Boxer Torpedo (Nicaragua) 89 points
8) Viaje Circa 45 #1 Robusto (Dominican Republic) 83 points
9) Plasencia Reserva Organica Limitada 2001 Torpedo (Nicaragua) 77 points

The Undercrown Flying Pig was a huge surprise as it was not the gimmick I suspected it was.

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La Flor Dominicana La Nox

Now here I will talk about my previous employer and job again as mentioned in so many of my recent reviews and that’s because I met a lot of great industry people and learned a lot in my 5 years at The Longfiller Company. One of the people I met are the ultimate gentleman Litto Gomez and his son Tony. First time I met Litto was when he came to The Netherlands when The Longfiller Company was distributing La Flor Dominicana and on my yearly vacation to Florida I always went for lunch with Litto, who made time in his weekends just for me & my friends even though his weekends are sacred family time, something I am grateful for. On one of those lunches he brought his sons Litto Jr and Anthony. Tony just started working for his father at the factory in the Dominican and wasn’t involved in the blending process when we met. We had a great lunch at the rooftop of a nice restaurant somewhere in Miami, it was a memorable lunch.

Now for some reason the La Flor Dominicana sales came to a stop, it was like hitting a brick wall and both me and my boss didn’t have a clue why. The quality of the cigars was good as always, the price didn’t change so why the sales came to a stop was a huge mystery and my employer decided not to order anymore, the last new release of La Flor Dominicana we ordered was the Chapter one. The whole sales stop killed the professional relationship, that was so good before that Litto even made a limited Meaner Digger for The Netherlands. Now on a personal level, the relationship stayed intact and I always have a great time with Tony and Litto at Intertabac. As a cigar geek I was bummed that I didn’t get to try all the new releases, and that’s why my former employer is a better professional as me because the geek in me would have ordered anyway and would end up with a warehouse full of cigars just so I could try them myself. Now truth be said, the last few months I worked for The Longfiller Company I did sell all our remaining La Flor Dominicana stock and the demand was definitely up from the consumer and therefore also from the shopowners. Time for La Flor Dominicana to get back on the Dutch market.

Since I read about the La Flor Dominicana La Nox, and seeing the mouthwatering pictures of this stunning cigar, I wanted to try it and at the Cigar Journal Cigar Trophy event at Intertabac, where the cigar won the award for best Dominican cigar of 2016, I had the chance to grab one. Instead of smoking it on the spot I restrained myself and kept it to review it. Today is the day of the review. The cigar looks amazing, the super dark and oily Brazilian wrapper is flawless and the double ring, black with light blue “La Nox” lettering on the bottom ring and the white moon and LFD lettering on the light blue clouds on the top ring are a perfect match to that dark and oily wrapper. The combination is just a 10 out of 10, if I only judged the cigars on their appearance this would be the cigar of the year for many years to come. The rest of the blend consists of a Mexican San Andres wrapper and Dominican filler from their own fields. The construction feels good, no complaints here either. The cigar has a salty aroma to it with some wood, not too strong and not the barnyard aroma that I smell so often in cigars.

I punched the thick wrapper and tested the cold draw, which gave me quite some resistance and a peppery oatmeal with a mild minty freshness. I lit the cigar with a soft flame. I taste a medium strong coffee flavor with sweetness you can expect from Brazilian tobacco and some oatmeal. After a few puffs I also taste some herbs and spices. After a centimeter I also taste a mild chocolate for just a second with herbs and some pepper. I also taste a little sweetness from the Brazilian wrapper. The flavors are thick, meaty and sticky just like I expected just from the looks.

After little more than an inch I taste the sweetness with oak and some citrus and some spicy herbs. Every now and then I also taste some cocoa. The backdrop of the flavors are earthy. After a third I get a flavor that reminds me of slightly salted peanuts with some citrus. The sweetness is gone, I still taste some pepper in the aftertaste. The pepper grows stronger. The cocoa shows up every now and then, just for a puff or two. After two thirds I also taste a mild nutty flavor on that still earthy undertone with some citrus. After two thirds the nutty flavor grows in strength.

The smoke starts out thin but plenty in volume but after a few puffs the smoke gets to a medium plus thickness. The draw is a little on the tough side, probably would be better if i had cut the cigar from the start as it improved greatly after I cut it with my Xikar xi2 cutter. The ash is white and firm. This cigar is full bodied, full of nicotine and full flavored. The burn is good, but I needed to touch up once to correct a little. The body to flavor ratio is great and there is plenty of evolution. The smoke time is two hours and fifteen minutes.

Would I buy this cigar again? If they become available on the Dutch market I’m definitely picking up a few and I want an empty box just as a piece of art for my man cave.

Score: 92


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La Flor Dominicana Ligero Maduro Robusto

This La Flor Dominicana ligero Maduro robusto cigar comes from the robusto sampler and my plan is to review four out of the five cigars, the La Flor Dominicana Suave I gave away because of my passionate disliking of Connecticut shade cigars. The La Flor Dominicana ligero robusto I’m smoking has a Maduro wrapper as you might have guessed.
The cigar is a little small for a robusto, about 4¾x48 just like the ligero robusto, the other 3 cigars are a bit bigger. The wrapper is dark and oily. The construction feels good, a few thin veins give the cigar character. The cigar has a woody aroma. The cold draw is great and leaves a peppery flavor on my lips.
I’m tasting dark chocolate, pepper and wood in the first few puffs. The flavors change to a mute pepper with some coffee and a hint of sweetness.
After a third it’s wood with some sweetness and muted pepper. Halfway the cigar turns bitter and the pepper is back in full force. The bitterness is getting less, but remains on the aftertaste.
The draw is great. The smoke is quite thick and beautiful white, just like the firm ash. The cigar is full bodied and medium flavored. The smoke time is about 75 minutes.
Would I buy this cigar again? Even though it scores higher than the regular ligero, I rather buy the regular ligero because it’s more consistent.

Appearance: 8
Construction: 9
Draw: 9
Burn: 8
Smoke & Ash:8
Aroma first part: 8
Aroma second part: 7
Aroma third part: 6

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La Flor Dominicana Ligero Robusto

This La Flor Dominicana Ligero robusto cigar comes from the robusto sampler and my plan is to review four out of the five cigars, the La Flor Dominicana Suave I gave away because of my passionate disliking of Connecticut shade cigars. The La Flor Dominicana I’m smoking has a Sumatra wrapper from Ecuador.
The cigar is a little small for a robusto, about 4¾x48 and looks a bit curved. I see a few thin veins. Now I love Litto and most of the cigars he makes but never liked the bands so I wouldn’t pick this cigar in a humidor if I didn’t know the cigar. The color is beautiful and deep brown. The aroma is mild and dark. Like I said, the cigar is a bit crooked so the construction isn’t 100%. The cold draw, that has a raisin and pepper flavor, is top notch though.
I taste some bitter herbal flavors. A nice bitterness though. After half an inch it changes to wood with just a hint of pepper.
Halfway the wood is strong, the white pepper is a solid base for the wood flavor to shine.
The smoke is medium to thick and light gray to white. The draw is great just like the burn. The ash is firm. Medium full in strength and in flavor.
Would I buy this cigar again? Yes, pleasant cigar, nothing spectacular but still nice enough to smoke again. Even though it’s a small robusto it lasted me for an hour and 45 minutes due to the slow burn and my slow smoking.

Appearance: 7
Construction: 8
Draw: 9
Burn: 8
Smoke & ash: 9
Aroma first part: 7
Aroma second part: 8
Aroma third part: 8

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La Flor Dominicana double ligero digger maduro

The double ligero blend by La Flor Dominicana is well known for its strength that comes from the Dominican filler and binder, combined with an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper. Now La Flor Dominicana ups the challenge of smoking the double ligero by adding The Digger to the portfolio. The first time I saw this 8½x60 cigar I thought “every officer of the law should have this, it’s a billy club”.
The wrapper has the color of dark chocolate, some big veins and it is very oily, which probably makes it a cigar that ages well. This cigar looks rough and tough. I smell some wood and the construction feels great. The predraw is fine, I taste tobacco and something hearty, something carrot like.
I taste a dark, bitter and spicy earth flavor with a mild sweetness and chocolate. After an inch I taste herbs with a mild citrus and wood. Halfway I taste wood, herbs and a little bit of sal ammoniac. Soon after I also taste citrus again and something I can only describe as carrot.
After two thirds I taste nutmeg, pepper and herbs. Soon after the earthy flavor returns, but without the bitterness. I also taste pepper, some herbs and a nut flavor. The nuts fade away and I keep tasting that earthy flavor with herbs and lots of pepper in the aftertaste.
This cigar lasted me almost four hours. The draw is great and I got a lot of smoke from the cigar. The pepper and salt colored ash is compact and firm. This cigar is full flavored and full bodied. I did have to correct the burn a few times.
Would I buy this cigar again? No, I wouldn’t. I loved the flavors, but 4 hours? That’s not relaxing and smoking a cigar, that comes close to work.

Appearance: 8 / 10
Construction: 8 / 10
Draw: 8 / 10
Burn: 7 / 10
Smoke & ash: 8 / 10
Aroma first part: 8 / 10
Aroma second part: 8 / 10
Aroma third part: 8 / 10

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La Flor Dominicana diadema maduro

Yesterday I smoked the first of the two 9¼x50 La Flor Dominicana Diademas that I got from Litto Gomez. Even though I loved the Natural, made with Dominican binder and filler with a Nicaraguan habano wrapper, the three and a half hour it took for me to finish it was too much so I was dreading smoking the La Flor Dominicana Diadema maduro, which has the same size and blend but with a Nicaraguan ligero maduro habano wrapper. And to think that I have the La Flor Dominicana Digger (8½x60) lined up for tomorrow. Litto Gomez is messing with my daily schedule.
The cigar looks great, the shape is awesome, the band is simple and doesn’t distract from the shape and the deep dark and oily wrapper that has some spits and veins. The construction is great, better than the La Flor Dominicana Diadema natural which had some soft spots. I taste a mild sweet chocolate and straw smell. The predraw is fine and I taste dry tobacco with some raisin.
Right from the start I taste a pleasant earthy flavor with coffee but the flavors soon turn for the worst and I taste a nasty tar flavor which fades away soon. I taste a spicy and herbal wood flavor. After an inch I taste spicy and herbal wood with a very tiny bit of chocolate, which disappears just as quickly as it showed up. I taste wood, herbs, an earthy flavor and some pepper.
After a third I taste some citrus with the wood, the earthy flavor and the herbs. Halfway I taste citrus, wood and herbs with some pepper on the background. Halfway I get surprised by a sweet marzipan flavor with wood and citrus. After two thirds the citrus is getting stronger but the marzipan has disappeared. The citrus fades away a bit and the wood becomes the main flavor with quite some herbs.
For some reason this cigar had a smoking time which is fifty minutes shorter than the La Flor Dominicana Diadema natural, it took me two hours and forty minutes to finish it. The draw is better than the natural and I got a decent amount of smoke. The white ash is frayed and firm and the burn is beautiful. This cigar is full flavored and medium bodied.
Would I buy this cigar again? No. Again the size is way too much for me and I didn’t like it as much as the natural

Appearance: 8 / 10
Construction: 8 / 10
Draw: 8 / 10
Burn: 8 / 10
Smoke & ash: 7 / 10
Aroma first part: 6 / 10
Aroma second part: 7 / 10
Aroma third part: 7 / 10

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La Flor Dominicana diadema naturel

Another mega sized release by La Flor Dominicana. After the 6½x54 Airbender maduro and the 8½x60 Digger Litto Gomez decided it was time to go even bigger and create a 9¼ inch long diadema with a ring of 50. The cigar is made of Dominican binder and filler and there are two kinds of wrapper used, one is a Nicaraguan habano, the other is a Nicaraguan habano ligero maduro wrapper. I got both cigars at a meet & greet from Litto Gomez himself and decided to review them. The first La Flor Dominicana Diadema I smoked was the natural.
The cigar looks great with the fine shape, the simple band and the light colored oily wrapper with veins and wrinkles. The cigar is well rolled although I do feel some soft spots in the construction. The predraw is fine and I taste dry raisin.
I taste hay with a hint of dry chocolate. After three quarters of an inch I taste hay, wood and some herbs. After an inch the herbs get stronger with some wood and an inch later I mainly taste herbs with just some wood on the background. After a third I also get an earthy flavor with the herbs and wood. Right before halfway I even taste some nut and something mild sweet
After two thirds I taste sweet wood with a bit of herbs and some spices. The flavors are very nice. A few puffs later I taste a nice toffee or caramel flavor with some pepper, quite some herbs and a bit of wood. The herbs are getting stronger, the cigar is more spicy and the caramel toffee flavor disappears. Near the end I taste more wood and pepper but the cigar becomes less spicy.
It took me three and a half hours to smoke this cigar. The draw was great and I got a lot of smoke. The gray ash is light colored but not so firm. The burn is pretty. This medium to full flavored and medium to full bodied cigar is way too long for me. I even had to re-cut the cigar because the mouth end was becoming too moist.
Would I buy this cigar again? No. I liked the flavors and all, but a three and a half hour smoke is too much for me.

Appearance: 8 / 10
Construction: 8 / 10
Draw: 8 / 10
Burn: 8 / 10
Smoke & ash: 8 / 10
Aroma first part: 8 / 10
Aroma second part: 7 / 10
Aroma third part: 8 / 10

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La Flor Dominicana airbender maduro

The La Flor Dominicana airbender, named after the comic that Litto Gomez loves so much, was an instant hit as soon as it was released and now La Flor Dominicana released the La Flor Dominicana Airbender maduro. The blend is the same as the Airbender blend but now with a Brazilian maduro wrapper instead of the habano wrapper that is used for the normal Airbender line. The cigar only comes in one size, a 6½x54 toro. The cigar is also picked to be the cigar that comes with the Casa de Tobacco that La Flor Dominicana released at the IPCPR.
The wrapper is nice and dark, although a bit light for maduro, with some veins and spots. I like the band, which is clearly a La Flor Dominicana band but with a different color. The construction feels good although the cigar looks a bit crooked. I smell a mild sweet wood aroma. The predraw is a bit easy and I taste a mild musty tobacco flavor.
I taste a bitter earthy flavor with coffee and after a few puffs I also taste spicy wood and soon some sweetness too. After half an inch I taste sweet herbs and wood. After an inch the sweetness disappears and I taste herbs and wood. After a third I taste wood, herbs and a little bit of cacao. Slowly I start to taste more chocolate.
Somewhere between halfway and two thirds I taste nuts, herbs and wood. The aftertaste is peppery and the feeling in my mouth is quite dry. Soon after I taste hay with wood, herbs and a mild acidic flavor.
This cigar lasted me for two hours and fifteen minutes. The draw was a bit loose but I got a lot of smoke. The light colored ash is compact and firm and the burn is great. This cigar is full flavored and medium bodied.
Would I buy this cigar again? Yes, loved it, but I would have been better if it was an inch shorter.

Appearance: 8 / 10
Construction: 8 / 10
Draw: 7 / 10
Burn: 8 / 10
Smoke & ash: 8 / 10
Aroma first part: 7 / 10
Aroma second part: 8 / 10
Aroma third part: 8 / 10

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