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Marc’s mystery cigar

This is an old review that somehow never got posted when it should have been uploaded.

Because of my work in the industry I met a lot of distributers in other countries as well, and one of them is Marc D’Argembeau, a cigar distributer in Belgium who had a few brands in common with my then employer so we helped each other out on occasion when we had stock and he didn’t or the other way around. One day Marc gave me an unbanded cigar and he wouldn’t tell me what it is.
I could think of two sources for this cigar, either it could be a pre-release or test blend either from Quesada for the Casa Magna Dominicana or from Marc’s son in law Didier Houvenaghel, who owns a few brands like La Ley and Nicarao.
The cigar was wrapped in cellophane and has a nice dark oily wrapper with a few thin veins. The construction feels hard but the cold draw is great and I tasted slightly bitter herbs. The cigar measured 5½x54.
I taste herbs with some sweetness and earthy flavors. After a centimeter I taste a little harsh herbal flavor with some pepper. Soon after I also taste some cocoa. After a third the cocoa grows with some herbs and coffee. Halfway I taste herbs again with a little bit of pepper and some citrus in the aftertaste. After two thirds the citrus gets a little stronger with herbs and a little bit of chocolate. Near the end the pepper gains some strength again.
This cigar lasted me an hour and twenty minutes and produced a lot of thick smoke. The draw was great and the white ash is frayed but firm. The burn I had to correct once. This cigar is full bodied and full flavored.
Would I buy this cigar again? I don’t even know what it was, so how could I?

Appearance: 8
Construction: 8
Draw: 8
Burn: 7
Smoke & ash: 7
Aroma first part: 7
Aroma second part: 7
Aroma third part: 7

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